About Training

Our Training Consultants are time served professionals who work directly with your company to assess your health and safety and food safety training needs, to select and customize the program that is right for your company. They are able to tailor the course content on the day for those with different experience, learning speeds and languages. That way, food hygiene and health and safety messages remain relevant and trainees leave motivated to make a difference back in the workplace.

Insight Synergy employs the most experienced and qualified trainers with direct experience of the industry. Our team will help to ensure that course content is aligned with your training needs.

If you want us to tailor-make a course for your company (e.g. Health & Safety, Food safety, food hygiene for handlers, safety leadership workshops etc;) we are more than happy to oblige. In fact, if there are any courses that we don’t already do but you think we should, we’d welcome your feedback.

Whether you require a single course for a small group or extensive training for your entire workforce including supervisors, consider on-site training at your location. On-site training offer you significant savings and convenience with hands-on instructions as delivered at training center.


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